Fish Adding Or Removing

Book Your Fish Adding Or Removing Services At Your Doorstep

Fish Adding Or Removing Services

Keep Your Lovely Fish In Safe Hands

We can create a customized maintenance plan that will not only meet your aquarium needs but also your budget. We offer a full line of fish supplies and nutritional products and specifically order your fish and sea life to provide you with exactly the look you want in your aquarium.  In doing so the fish are more colorful, vibrant, happier and more stable.

Our Services:

  • Tank Cleaning Removal of Water and Fill New Water.
  • Clean all algae from inside of the aquarium.
  • Check the health of all aquatic life & Fishes.
  • Test the water
  • Add chemicals needed to maintain fish health
  • Change out and replace dirty corals and decorations
  • Change out and replace the filter Sponge
  • Bleach dirty corals, decorations, and filter cartridge
  • Catalina Water changes 
  • Clean Off Chiller Coils 
  • Clean Protein Skimmer 
  • Filling auto feeder & checkup
  • Brush off Stones & rock 
  • Dust-Off Cabinet
  • Polish outside of the aquarium
  • Stir up gravel
  • Top off the water level
  • Fix fallen corals or plants