Pet Cage Cleaning

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Pet Cage Cleaning Services

Pet Friendly Service

Your pets are very important to us because you love them and they are part of your family. We will follow your instructions and the maids are trained to carry out those instructions, such as letting your pets out their cages at all times during the cleaning and putting your pets into their cages when we are leaving. If your pets have any special needs, just let us know. Please  be assured that our employees are NOT allergic to any type of household pet.

We Sanitize Your Small Pets Cage:

It is vital for the health of your pet (and you) that you keep your pet’s cage clean and sanitary. The confined environment of a cage provides an ideal setting for microbe growth, especially due to the presence of the animal’s urine and feces. Because of this, cleaning must go beyond simply removing visible dirt and waste products, and aside from daily cleaning, cages should be disinfected at least once a week.

We Make Daily Cleaning Checklist:

We wash food and water bowls. Dry before replacing.
Remove soiled bedding.
Change litter.
Wipe away visible dirt and waste on the interior and interior of the cage.
Clean dirt or waste products from pet toys and accessories. we may need to add to this checklist, depending on the type of pet you have and the cage condition. If the cage is dirty enough to require cleaning products, move the pet to a temporary holding area while you clean and until the cage has dried completely.