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Pet Ultrasound Services

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You may know that your pet is not feeling well, but are not sure what is wrong with them. When you bring in your pet for a checkup, our veterinarians will do a physical exam to see if there are any visual signs of an illness or condition. When this is not enough, we may recommend your pet for an ultrasound or other form of radiology to pinpoint the health issue they are having.

Pet Ultrasound:

Our ultrasound machine uses sounds waves to take images of your pet's organs and other parts of their body, which can help us get a clear view of their condition and give you a specific diagnosis.

Your Radiology Results:

Clix Home Services will be happy to discuss the results of your pet's radiology test after the procedure. Please feel free to ask us any questions about the test and results at this time. We are here to help your pet live the healthiest life possible.

Pet Radiology:

Sometimes, we need to look at the organs and other tissue inside your pet to find out why they are sick. There are several forms of radiology we use to do this, which include:

These are all non-invasive procedures that do not involve your pet spending much time with us, allowing you to take your animal home on the same day of the appointment. You need to first schedule a regular appointment so that one of our veterinarians can perform a physical exam. If this is not enough to make a concrete diagnosis, we will give you a referral to get your pet a radiology test.